ERROR_CANCELLED | Windows Error Code

This page will publish a list of related information on error codes frequently seen on Windows.

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BluetoothAuthenticateDevice function (Windows)

BluetoothAuthenticateMultipleDevices function (Windows)

BluetoothSelectDevices function (Windows)

BluetoothSendAuthenticationResponse function (Windows)

ProcessTrace function (Windows)

Retrieving Event Data Using MOF (Windows)

NotifyAddrChange function (Windows)

NotifyRouteChange function (Windows)

BrowseForGPO function (Windows)

RmGetList function (Windows)

RmRestart function (Windows)

RmShutdown function (Windows)

CredUIPromptForCredentials function (Windows)

CredUIPromptForWindowsCredentials function (Windows)

CertCreateContext function (Windows)





InternetConfirmZoneCrossing function (Windows)

InternetErrorDlg function (Windows)

EvtCancel function (Windows)

WNetAddConnection2 function (Windows)

WNetAddConnection3 function (Windows)

WNetDisconnectDialog1 function (Windows)

WNetUseConnection function (Windows)

Example: Getting WMI Data from a Remote Computer (Windows)

System Errors - Alphabetical Order (Windows CE 5.0)

System Errors - Numerical Order (Windows CE 5.0)

Win32 Error Codes (Windows)

Win32 Error Codes for ADSI 2.0 (Windows)

PFN_CERT_CREATE_CONTEXT_SORT_FUNC function pointer (Windows)


2.2 Win32 Error Codes

BluetoothAuthenticateDeviceEx function (Windows)

BluetoothSendAuthenticationResponseEx function (Windows)

ISensorManager::RequestPermissions method (Windows)

Requesting User Permissions (Windows)

Error Constants (Windows)

MFPlay Tutorial: Video Playback (Windows)

IHomeGroup::ShowSharingWizard method (Windows)

Retrieving Event Metadata (Windows)

Using TdhFormatProperty to Consume Event Data (Windows)

Using TdhGetProperty to Consume Event Data (Windows)

System Errors - Alphabetical Order (Compact 2013)

System Errors - Numerical Order (Compact 2013)

VerifyUser (Compact 2013)

LASS Exponential Backoff (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)

DiShowUpdateDevice function (Windows Drivers)

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