ERROR_IO_PENDING | Windows Error Code

This page will publish a list of related information on error codes frequently seen on Windows.

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Monitoring Communications Events (Windows)

WaitCommEvent function (Windows)

BindIoCompletionCallback function (Windows)

Canceling Pending I/O Operations (Windows)

CreateFileTransacted function (Windows)

HttpAddFragmentToCache function (Windows)

HttpFlushResponseCache function (Windows)

HttpReceiveClientCertificate function (Windows)

HttpReceiveHttpRequest function (Windows)

HttpReceiveRequestEntityBody function (Windows)

HttpSendHttpResponse function (Windows)

HttpSendResponseEntityBody function (Windows)

HttpWaitForDisconnect function (Windows)


FSCTL_OPLOCK_BREAK_ACK_NO_2 control code (Windows)

FSCTL_REQUEST_BATCH_OPLOCK control code (Windows)

FSCTL_REQUEST_FILTER_OPLOCK control code (Windows)

FSCTL_REQUEST_OPLOCK_LEVEL_1 control code (Windows)

FSCTL_REQUEST_OPLOCK_LEVEL_2 control code (Windows)

ConnectNamedPipe function (Windows)

LockFileEx function (Windows)

Locking and Unlocking Byte Ranges in Files (Windows)

OpenFileById function (Windows)

ReadFile function (Windows)

ReadFileScatter function (Windows)

ReOpenFile function (Windows)

Named Pipe Server Using Completion Routines (Windows)

Named Pipe Server Using Overlapped I/O (Windows)

Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O (Windows)

Testing for the End of a File (Windows)

WriteFile function (Windows)

WriteFileGather function (Windows)

Synchronous and Overlapped Pipe I/O (Windows)

TransactNamedPipe function (Windows)

DisableMediaSense function (Windows)

EnableRouter function (Windows)

CommitTransactionAsync function (Windows)

Icmp6SendEcho2 function (Windows)

IcmpSendEcho2 function (Windows)

NotifyAddrChange function (Windows)

NotifyRouteChange function (Windows)

RestoreMediaSense function (Windows)

RollbackTransactionAsync function (Windows)

Implementing Offline (Windows)

Implementing Online (Windows)

Implementing Pending Operations (Windows)

MoveClusterGroup function (Windows)

Offline callback function (Windows)

OfflineClusterGroup function (Windows)

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