ERROR_NOT_FOUND | Windows Error Code

This page will publish a list of related information on error codes frequently seen on Windows.

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BluetoothGetDeviceInfo function (Windows)

BluetoothRemoveDevice function (Windows)

Canceling Pending I/O Operations (Windows)

CancelIoEx function (Windows)

CancelSynchronousIo function (Windows)

HttpReceiveClientCertificate function (Windows)

DeleteIpForwardEntry function (Windows)

GetIfEntry function (Windows)

GetOwnerModuleFromTcp6Entry function (Windows)

GetOwnerModuleFromTcpEntry function (Windows)

SendARP function (Windows)

SetIpForwardEntry function (Windows)

GetApplicationRestartSettings function (Windows)

MprAdminConnectionRemoveQuarantine function (Windows)

CredDelete function (Windows)

CredEnumerate function (Windows)

CredGetTargetInfo function (Windows)

CredRead function (Windows)

CredReadDomainCredentials function (Windows)

CredRename function (Windows)

CredUIConfirmCredentials function (Windows)

CredUIReadSSOCredW function (Windows)

CredWrite function (Windows)

CredWriteDomainCredentials function (Windows)

MprConfigGetFriendlyName function (Windows)

MprConfigGetGuidName function (Windows)

UnlockWithExternalKey method of the Win32_EncryptableVolume class (Windows)

RtmDeleteRouteToDest function (Windows)

EVT_SUBSCRIBE_FLAGS enumeration (Windows)

Win32 I/O Cancellation Support in Windows Vista

IADsNameTranslate::Get method (Windows)

IADsNameTranslate::GetEx method (Windows)

IADsNameTranslate::Set method (Windows)

IADsNameTranslate::SetEx method (Windows)

CreateAnycastIpAddressEntry function (Windows)

CreateIpForwardEntry2 function (Windows)

CreateIpNetEntry2 function (Windows)

CreateUnicastIpAddressEntry function (Windows)

DeleteAnycastIpAddressEntry function (Windows)

DeleteIpForwardEntry2 function (Windows)

DeleteIpNetEntry2 function (Windows)

DeleteUnicastIpAddressEntry function (Windows)

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