This page will publish a list of related information on error codes frequently seen on Windows.

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2.2 Win32 Error Codes


System Error Codes (500-999) (Windows)

Installling MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) with terminal service enabled fails - IBM Bladecenter and System x - Lenovo Support (JP) | #1 PC Maker

BUG: Divide by Zero Error Compiling an Empty Structure

Turbo Tax Fails to Print Under Windows NT

STOP Msg: c000021a Logging on a Second Time to WinNT 3.51 w/ SP2

FIX: Floating-point Exception Generating Query Plan on Alpha

SQL Server 4.21a Service Pack 4 Fixlist

PRB: General Protection Fault Occurs On VSS Launch

FIX: MSDEV Crashes If Same PDB Name Used for Compiler and Linker

FIX: You may receive Visual Basic compiler error messages when you are developing a Visual Basic 2005 project in Visual Studio 2005

BUG: You may receive an access violation error message when you try to run an SSIS package in SQL Server 2005

On a computer that is running an x64 version of Windows Server 2003 or an x64 version of Windows XP, Visual Studio 2008 crashes when you try to open the "Find" dialog box

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