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Exchange System Manager で Public Folder Instances をクリックすると、「エラー 0x80040403

(MAPI_E_TABLE_TOO_BIG)」エラー メッセージ対象製品:Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Standard Edition, Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server

INF: Common SQL Mail Problems対象製品:Because mail profiles are associated with a Microsoft Windows login account, you must log on to the computer that is running SQL Server with the SQL Server service startup account in order to inspect the mail profile available to SQL Server. For example, open Control Panel. In the Control Panel dialog box, double-click Mail. In the Mail dialog box, double-click Show Profiles. If you are using SQLAgentMail and the SQL Agent service account is different from the SQL Server service account, you must also log on with the SQL Agent service startup account to inspect the mail profiles available to the SQL Agent., You must be able to open the mail client and test sending and receiving an e-mail to your mail server. No dialog box or message should appear that requires user action. SQL Mail uses the mail client to send mail. Because SQL Mail runs in the SQL Server service, any dialog boxes that require user interaction appear on the "virtual desktop" and do not receive a response. The lack of response causes SQL Mail to stop responding (hang)., You must provide SQL Mail the mail profile you use to test your mail client configuration. To do so, in Enterprise Manger, open the Support Services folder. In the Support Services folder, right-click SQL Mail, and then click Properties. If you use SQLAgentMail, you must provide the mail profile to SQL Agent. To do so, in Enterprise Manager, open the Management folder, right-click SQL Agent, and then click Properties., The default Internet e-mail program must be the same as the mail client you use to test the mail configuration. To make sure you have the correct program, open Control Panel, double-click Internet Options, and then click the Programs tab., For any of the preceding changes to take effect, you must stop, and then restart the SQL Server service. If you reconfigure the default mail profile, you must restart the computer for the changes to take effect., Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Standard Edition
INF: 一般的な SQL のメール問題
You Can Send Messages but You Receive an Error Message When You Try to Retrieve Messages対象製品:Microsoft Outlook 2000 Standard Edition, Microsoft Outlook 98 Standard Edition
"Error 0x80040403

(MAPI_E_TABLE_TOO_BIG)" error message when you click Public Folder Instances in Exchange System Manager対象製品:Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Standard Edition, Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server

メッセージを送信することができますが、メッセージを取得しようとすると、エラー メッセージが表示されます。

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